A Blessing of Peace

A message given on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri

A devotee asked God, "Lord, how can I remember You always?"
The Lord replied, "Forget the fear that doubts My presence..."

The devotee asked, "Lord, why do I doubt You?"
The Lord replied, "That is because you have held on to desire and let go of Me."

The devotee asked again, "My dear God, I feel I love You. I feel I follow You. I feel I'm walking Your way. Then why am I falling?"
The Lord replied, "The thought of faith, the thought of love, the thought of being right has no truth... Faith, love, and righteousness exist when the ego that claims them dies in the act of complete surrender."

The devotee asked, "But Lord, my mind thinks and I follow the thought and lose You."
The Lord replied, "You are to boldly face the thought that does not reflect My love. The thought shall vanish the moment love shall rule."

The devotee asked again, "Lord, I become selfish and I wish to protect myself. How do I give up my selfish pursuits?"
The Lord replied, "Peace is the only protection. The selfish thought strips the mind and soul of peace. Peace is equal love for all. That is what you must pursue."

The devotee asked his precious Lord, "My God, why is it that I give up peace so easily?"
The Lord replied, "You desire to be higher than the rest. You wish to be greater than the rest. You work to be richer than the rest. You do to be better than the rest. In doing that, you lose the strength to love. You begin to love yourself lesser. When the soul becomes lesser than the thought, peace vanishes. You are to know that all are My children. That is the essence of peace"

"Lord, bless me that I am always at peace."
The Lord smiled and said, "You are to ask Me nothing, not even for peace. You are to wait. You are to be silent. You are to be humble for all the gifts I give. You are to share. You are to be happy. You are to be stronger than any thought. You are to forgive. You are to be kind. You are to serve all with My hand. You are to be ready for My will. That is the blessing of peace..."