A Glimpse of God

Heaven is the eternal peace in which no mind can ever speak.

A good soul shall carry his peace at all times........... And give it even to the one that wishes to rob him from his silence.

A smile is a silent offering of friendship.

Love is a gift that when given is received within the heart instantly.

No thorn can touch the one that stands on the petal of prayer.

You think only when you find that god is delayed in his divine mission!

You are restful when you have nothing to gain from even your thought.

There is no greater offering to god other than your complete self.

Be content in your life and silent in prayer.

You cannot reach god until you have found complete fulfillment in goodness.

You can serve god in many ways.........the best way is when you give his children a glimpse of his love from your acts ...........words ............and thoughts.