A Hand to Hold

Sometimes I wonder
What would I do
If I did not have 
The hand
To hold
Of my mother
And as I think
I run to God
And say,
"Lord I am grateful
For the gift
Of the mother
You gave to me
Let me take
Many more steps
Holding her hand
For even though
I have learnt to walk
Talk and Live
On my own
I still cannot imagine
To take
Another step
Without her hand to hold"..........

God smiled and said,
"As long as you know
How much she loves you so
Until then she shall stand by you
But the moment you shall turn
Your back
And forget 
Her selfless deeds
I shall come
And hold her hand
And you shall lose
The refuge 
Of her feet....."

I pleaded to God,"
"Lord I shall place her
Where you stand
I shall take her as my God
I shall learn to love her
As she has loved me
And I shall forget
All what I wish
And I shall only
For her hand 
To be
Always with me....."

The lord smiled
He said,
"The mothers in the world
Come to Me
Only with one plea
"Let me cry
Every tear
For my child
And take all my smiles
And place it
Upon my baby.........
You have asked for her
And she for you
And that is what I shall give
Always remember to
Hold her hand
And God shall
In every life
Give you a mother
That you shall cherish....