angelBreaking the Cocoonangel

Friday May 20th, 2016

Like the larvae that breaks from its cocoon and emerges to be the butterfly, just like that, when we break through the cocoon of the individualized ego, we become free in God brilliance. In that God energy, is expansiveness beyond the mind's imagination or the intellect's understanding. Who can explain that?  No one. 

The journey to God is best received, when it is observed in a spiritual Master. Observation of Bhagwan's life is the best devotional practice. The keen observer will find himself following His Masters steps, without any fear or outer guidance . The steps he takes comes from the connection of his soul with his Master's soul. In reality, there never were two souls. They both were one!

At the appropriate moment, when past karmas are silenced with pure devotion, the perfect spiritual Master arrives and, without your knowing, all becomes possible. Without your trying, all comes as grace. The Master knows how to take you best to that window, where, with the eyes of the soul, you see the grandeur of unending God energy. 

No two spiritual journeys are alike. However, the love that one finds is always the same. It is like a torch that lights up the mind and defeats every desire within. A desire to love God, is in itself, a desire to be your ego self, and at the same time receive the Universal self. That is the folly of the thought and the thinker, for that is never possible. 

The hallmark of the spiritual journey, is when one begins to observe the negative tendencies in his own thoughts, words and deeds. Instead of defending his own straying, he exposes the movement of his own mind. Instead of trying to impress the outer world, he dives deep into the inner world. Instead of running here and there to receive grace, he stands still, in the word of the Master, that has come to him as God Himself!