angelGod With Youangel

Thursday December 22nd, 2016

When the lips say My name
What is karma then?

When the hand holds My hand
What is a wrong path then?

When the eyes see goodness alone
Where can you fall?  Where can you go?

When the ears hear My stories
What can you hear other than the sound of the Om?

When life is filled with God's praise
Who can insult you ever?

When God's word is your goal
What fear can make you shiver?

When the beauty of God's compassion has touched your soul
What injustice can you face?

When God has promised you I am there
What loneliness can dare to embrace?

When your time is mine
No obstacles await.

When you have surrendered
There are no doubts.  There is no fate.

All will be planned by God. His grace. His will.
All you need is to have faith My child.
All you must do is to stand in it.... completely still.