Just You

You are never too old
To love your mother
You are never too old 
To be by her side
A mother is a gift
That God HimSelf delivers..........
For us to respect
And for Him to guide.

I share with you a poem
That I offered today to my mother
I know each of you
Shall fill with the same joy
That I felt
As I wrote
Of her love.....
I wrote the truth
That was within my heart
And as I read
The words 
I felt
That the love she is
Is a love
That even all these words....can never describe.......
For who can describe
The love of a ..........MOTHER.................

"Just You"

I asked my Mother
What she would like
For me to give
On her special day....
She paused....
She smiled
And with a twinkle
In her eye
She replied...
"Just You"

I grew up
In her arms
And felt each moment
Her warmth
And whenever
Life gave me a test
She stood before me
And asked fate to return.

No pain had ever
Touched me
Whatever arrows
Fate had brought
She pierced them
In her heart
And for my sake
She smiled...

I said to her
"Mother, you have beared
My times of test.
What can I
Give to you?"
She paused...
She smiled
And said with a whisper,
"Just You."

Whenever time 
Brought me joy,
She danced even more 
Than I could...
Whenever someone
Loved me true
She thanked him
More than I could...

She prayed
For my safety
She cried
Before God
And fought with Him
Each time
A thorn pricked
My foot.
She said to Him,
"I have loved her
Just like you told me to
And not even You
Can test her
Without testing me first."

How could I repay
A love like that
What could I give her
To fill her
With my love
So I asked her,
"Mother, what can I give
To repay
This love
That I cannot match"
She paused
She smiled
And said 
"Just You"

So today
On her special day
I went before God
And asked Him 
For a boon.
He appeared
Before my vision
And gently asked
"Child...What is it
That you wish to ask from Me?"
With a tear in my eye
I bent before His feet
I paused...
I smiled...
And I said...
"Just Her"