Moment to Moment

....Beyond fear is fear itself...........Faith is making fear.....fearless.......

O Man that holds on
To his every thought
And creates the world of time
Stand Still...
Still in faith
And let the storms 
Of the mind
Pass you by...

A thought is a dream
That is yet to come
Yet to be...
The present moment
And waits
For your strength...
Why chain yourself
In a world perfect
That you had only thought
The time to do is now
And that step is before you
To take
Without hesitation
Without doubt and
Without fear...

O Man
That watched
The ways of God
Watch instead
The ways you think.
The good... the better
The best
Are for Him to know
For Him to see...
You are to live
The moment of faith
Each and every moment
The rest shall come
And shall go...
And you shall be free
In faith...

You await
All your life
For the perfect time...
The perfect life...
But that is where
 All thoughts begin...
That is where
You think you love yourself
Think you believe in your strength
And then
All of a sudden
The thoughts of fear return........
You cry in panic
In fear
The strength within
If yourself ever existed...

The moment is now
The perfect moment is
When you are free
Of thought...
Free of wanting
What is better than the best...

God walks 
With you
Moment to Moment
His eyes see
The perfect way
While the mind
Creates many ways
His hold
Shall take you
Across the river
Where the crocodiles of fear
Wait to drown
Your every joy...

The Grace of God
Is Beyond, O Man
The thought you create.
He shall do...
You need to stand still...
Still, in the moment of faith…