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Rejoicing in the Refuge of the Guru

A song that brings you instant peace.

While I slept
The Guru Sai awakened me
He said to me
Awake. For the song
That I shall sing
To you now
Shall make my every child
Know that
I am with them always.
In this song
Is the whole truth
And in it
Is the way to Me.


The Song of Grace

Everything that comes
To this world
Comes from My feet.
Everything that leaves this world
Merges back into My feet.
Then why do you
Get attached.
Let all come.
Let all go
You be with Me
Be with Me.

Every soul
Shall come
From the womb
Of truth and knowledge
Every soul
Shall feel
The current
Of pure love
Within themselves.
With that truth.
With that wisdom
With that pure love
They shall take
Each step
They shall swim
Across the ocean
Of Mine and Thine.
And while
They doubt
While they fear
While they forget
Their root of
Being one in brotherhood.
You stand
Perfectly still
In Me.
Always in Me.

Nothing you see
In this world
Is true.
In all the colors
There is only one
The color of love.
All other colors
Shall shake you
Shall make you weak
In sin.
Let all the colors
Of greed desire
And fear
Pass you by
You stay
Solid and firm
In the wave of love.
There was nothing ever
To be called yours
You were always
A wave of truth
In which I alone am.
Remember this
In the ocean
Where the mad mind rules.
You take the oars
And turn
To Me
Only to Me.

What can you ask
From Me
Even what you ask
Even what you receive
Shall leave your side
You cannot
Whatever you think
You have.
For even if you
Are to hold on
To them
They shall
Themselves circle
In the wheel of fate
And one day vanish
Without saying
You came to play
With the soul alone
The soul that
Shines with
My light of truth
And moves with
The wave of love.
You stay in that
And know Me
And Me alone.

Your deeds of goodness
Alone shall
Make you know Me.
Your heart
That aches
With love
Alone shall
Make you
The hero
Of this world
All the other
Moments of pride
Shall fall
In front
Of the feet of goodness.
Give up
What takes you
Into the wheel
Of delusion.
Be friends
With your soul
And carry
The spirit
Of the sage
That is free
In the message
Of God
And His world.
And while the world
Pulls you
Here and there
You be beside Me
Only Me.

Those that cherish
The wealth
Of this world
Shall cry the tears
Of attachment
Either now
Or in the moment
To come.
But those
That forget
The path of desire
Find the road to peace.
They see the Holy feet
That carries
This world in silence.
They cherish
The vision
Of their Master
And find
His strength
Within their soul
You be that.
And be Mine alone.
Be In My world.
And be with Me.

The troubles around
That appear so real
Are only the waves
Of Karma
Whatever you do
Returns with a might
The good receive
The fountain of grace
Those that are lost
In attachment
Receive the slap
Of their own
Planned unrighteousness attack.
What comes
In your life
Is the shadow
Of your own
Past deed
Who can save you then
You alone can
By saving yourself
From the thought
Of I want this and that
Believe in the love
That's is equal for all
And karma shall
Turn to grace.
The greatest wealth
Is to have the heart of gold. What else matters.
Be determined
To live a life
With Me.
Only with Me.

The weak minds
Question their own strength.
They defy truth
And walk on the path
Of glitter and gold.
They fear that truth
Shall take away
Their ways of ease
And with that
They themselves invite
The deeds of misfortune
And get entangled
In the wheel of karma.
Truth is the only
Truth ....of all.
Even the soul
That sees it not
Shall one day
Come to see
It's light
No one remains
In the dark alleys
Of delusion.
The Guru that comes
To teach you
The ways of love
Shall deliver you
From the nasty storm
Of selfish pursuits
Just smile
And be with Me
Be with Me.

Even the Kings
That ruled the kingdoms
Of this world
Left their golden robes
No army
Could save
Their souls
Even they had to bow
To the law of truth
Nothing is greater
Than the kingdom of God.
So hold on to the feet
Of the Guru supreme
And walk this journey
In silence
With Me
Only with Me.

The Guru has come
To each one that is born
To no one He refuses
To give
The path of salvation
He Himself walks
And holds each ones hand
He smiles He coaxes
He pretends
To ignore
Only for His child
To take a step
Toward the Godward way
He loves
Like a million mothers
He gives the protection
Of a million fathers
He stands by each one
Through all the ups and downs
He is the friend
That one can only
Imagine to be
He gives His self
Even before one can realize.
In His feet
Is the world
Of eternity
Whoever touches it
Shall receive
From within
The pure vision
Of His true Self.
Those that serve
The gurus feet
Shall merge
In the silence
Of their soul
What greater life can there be
I have said yes to you
He says
Then why do you fear
Why do you question
Why do you deny
Why do you resist
Why do you doubt
Am I not here
I have walked
From the land
Of truth
And I will not leave
Until you
Have held on
To My feet
Hold on to My feet
Chant the glory
Of truth alone
And be with Me
Be with Me.