angelRiding the Chariot of Karmaangel

Friday May 20th, 2016

You have nothing to Karma is the movement of creation. The movement towards the Creator creates positive energy. The movement towards doubting the existence of the Creator causes negative energy and that energy creates the moment of the present.

The one immersed in God thought creates God energy to fill him and surround him. He has no fear, for all becomes the strength and the will of the Creator for him.

The one that doubts the presence of God creates the ego, which is the false, delusionary God self, and thereby, he faces the limitations of God's presence. He creates from the ego, the thought and in that thought, the false world projects in which God becomes slowly absent. He becomes a slave to the thought of fear.

For the one that believes God to be everything, for him, there is no karma. There is only awareness of God and bliss.

For the one that is ruled by the ego, for him, there is a constant battle between the world and the self.

Karma is the movement of creation. No one is free of karma. One can only, while moving in this creation, offer the movement to the Creator. That one becomes free of the ego and becomes free of the causes and effects of karma.

The one that attaches his self to the causes and effects of the movement creates the egocentric world.

The movement of the creation towards the Creator is God's will. There is no movement that is free of God's will. When the egocentric self tries to create the movement around itself, it creates individual will. The individual will circles around the desire created by the ego for a short period. But even that, after sometime, turns away from the circle of desire and returns to the circle where the Creator alone stands!

The attraction to the Creator is the nature of His creation. Even the one that refuses to  believe in Him, will one day, leave the world of ego and turn to the world of the Universal Self.

There is, in reality, no individual self. All is the Universal Self.....all are the limbs of the one big body called God.

The distance that one feels between the creation and the Creator, is in reality, the movement of creation called karma!