angelThe Divine Promiseangel

Friday November 22nd, 2013

You have nothing to fear
Nothing to lose
Nothing to bear
Nothing to choose...

There is nothing to plan
Nothing to worry
There is nothing to ask
There is no need to hurry...

A little voice in the heart
Shall speak to you of faith
The truth in your soul
Shall take you safely across your fate...

There is no one beside you
Other than Me
I alone am the only friend
Know that and be free...

Why the tear
Why the pain
Why the doubt
Why the blame
Stand... Believe and Create the principle
Cherish... Hold and Sustain being simple...
Why the journey to seek My grace
Just touch your heart with the thought of love
And you shall feel My embrace

I am always there 
Where you shall remember Me
I am there in a moment
Doing what is best
Doing until the end
Doing the rest...

Ask not why...
And where...
I know
And that is what matters most
Try not to see
What I see
Close your eyes
And believe
That you are safe.
Then you shall see My grace
All else shall come to pass
And while the world wonders
Of your faith
You shall smile
And share the love
That you have received
From Me
By just believing...

Believe I say...
Believe, for faith is the food of your soul
Believe and take the step 
Knowing that I am 
In front
And by your side.

Believe in nothing
That you see, hear, feel, and speak
Believe that you are
In My presence
And the fear
That has trapped you 
Shall turn to dust.

The heart of love
Shall behold My word
And My word shall carry
Its wisdom
To the good...
The kind...
And the simple-minded.

And all will fall in place
For what I have willed
Shall come to be...
Grace is knowing that
There can be no thought
Other than that of Mine
And My mysterious ways...

I bless you
That there can be no wrong
If you have teared for My grace
Your every tear of devotion
Shall turn 
To the pearl of knowledge
For when you come to know Me
Through your heart
You shall taste the nectar of grace
That I shall pour upon you
Moment to moment.

I have come only to bless
Only to save you
Only to love you
Only to be with you...
My existence is
Simply to be
Wherever you are
However you are
I can reach you 
Even before time has moved
And all of My tasks
Are completed
Even before
You can think to attempt
to do
Something for My sake...
Even that thought 
Is My grace
For I have already completed
What you wish to do for Me
I can make you My instrument
To serve Me 
Only so you can be
In the bliss of love
For loving Me
Loving yourself.

My hand is always
Upon your head
Whether you have chosen Me or not
You are My Child of Eternity
And that is where
Everything begins
And everything ends...