angelThe Divine Secretangel

Part 1

July 22, 2013, Guru Poornima 2013

Even when you feel that you have lost... You have only won. Even when you feel you have weakened... You have taken a step toward strengthening. Even when you are looking for the way... You are on the way. It is all My will... You are simply not aware that you are aware of it...

"O Master that rules this world and the worlds I have yet to know, to you I ask, 'Why can't I know Thy will before the moment? Why can't I be prepared to carry Thy will with strength and grace?...' "

"O Child that I hold in My heart, you ask me to know of My will before the moment has come... You wish to plan to follow the truth... But that, is the way of untruth. To plan to be strong... To foresee the truth in My love, and to be prepared for that which is yet to come, are all the games of the mind. Realize, My Sweet Child, the mind moves in all directions while My will is one and only one. While the mind prepares you to follow My will, it also suggests the way of denying My will to come. While it asks you to move forward in one moment, it pulls you backward the very next. "

"To know nothing... To give Me all of Yourself, and everything... And to receive My bounteous grace spontaneously and unconditionally is the way of truth and the only way that My will shall reveal itself to you..."

To be continued...