angelThe Divine Secretangel

Part 2
July 23, 2013 (Part of Guru Poornima Message 2013)

"I am aware of your thought even before it has begun... Fear not to know how to reach Me... I am already there where you wish Me to be... The only distance between you and Me is the doubt you foster of My presence within you..."

"Dearest and Sweetest Whose words are wise... Whose acts are those of mercy, to You I speak, 'How do I know what Thy will is? How do I know that whatever I do is for love or for fear of receiving for myself?' "

"O, Sweet Child that thinks the thoughts of goodness to know me, to you I say, 'My will shall stand before you, whether you say 'yes' or silently turn away and say 'no'... For My love for you is greater than your love for yourself. You think you know, and I simply know. You think it is impossible for you to do, and I know it is and will only be possible. You fear and waste time in chasing the possibilities. I stand by you, knowing that at the time I have willed, you shall do... and you shall offer the task that I have given to you, to Me... without fear. You wish to wait, and I simply wait until your wait is over. You think you have planned... you have denied... you have turned away from Me... but that too is My will. I do everything... Even though you think you have not followed My will... My will is instantaneous... Nothing can come in its way... Even when you have said 'no' to Me,you have said 'yes' to My will..."


I ask nothing from you... nothing. You too must ask nothing from Me... You must be confident that I know what is best for you... You must in no way try to place a check on Me...

To be continued...