angelThe Divine Secretangel

Part 3
July 24, 2013 (Part of Guru Poornima Message 2013)

"As long as you think of Me and Me alone, there will be no mistakes... As long as you are aware that you are in My protection, no fear... no misery can touch you... The pain begins only when you ask Me to give you time to reach the truth... Even in the time of pain that you asked of Me, I am present with you... in you and around you... Even while you are asking Me to wait, I am filling you with grace..."

"O Sweet Lord Who I belong to even without my knowing, to you I ask 'If all is Your will... If all that I do even when I do it not is You, O Lord and Your will, then who am I?"

"O Sweet One that knows not the Divine Secret, even though every part of your being knows it to be true, to you I say, 'You are Myself... You separate Me from yourself to know yourself as Me... But there never was... never is.. and never can be the two you think us to be... We are one... And My will that I speak of is the very nature of your True Self... As long as you shall try to seek Me, you shall know My will to be unknown... Your dream that you are other than Me makes you serve Me as your Master... But the moment you shall wake up and see that the body you wear... the mind that you carry... and the I that you protect are merely the shadow of your truth, then at that moment I shall reveal to you 'Me' as yourself... At that same moment, you shall realize that My will was simply the nature of your spirit that is, to move toward the expansive, eternal truth... The truth in which you exist as the one and only 'Me'..."

Who says you need time to reach God... all you need is the instantaneous will to remain simple and pure to your heart...