The Flight of Goodness

God knows what is to come your way.........You are to know that He is always where you are........

Pain brings with it a reason
Love has no reason
It brings the warmth of itself
Nothing else...

Desire brings with it a wish
Truth has no expectations
It brings the innocence of itself...
 Nothing else...

Fear brings with it a thought and a plan
Faith knows the love of God
It brings the assurance of Grace alone
Nothing else...

Pride brings with it the downfall of hate
Simpleness sees no differences
It brings that sweetness alone
Nothing else...

Anger brings with it a life of loneliness
Kindness is friend of the enemy
It brings that  kind smile alone
Nothing else...

Panic brings with it the fear of now
Peace is the the contentment in the moment
It brings that wisdom to stand still alone
Nothing else...

Man brings with him the dream of greatness 
God is the complete and full truth
To be..
To be your Self
Nothing else...