angelThe Higher Calling angel

"Do you have faith that my love for you shall never fail?" the Guru asked.

"I am yet to know faith... I have yet to understand and completely experience the bliss of your love. But as of now, I zknow in my heart, that, when I see you stand beside me... I am... at peace..."

"Do you promise never to ask, for I shall give what you need at the precise moment?"

"O Guru who knows me more than I can ever know my own self, whenever I shall weaken to ask I shall turn toward you and pray for strength, courage, and patience. I shall turn away from my fears and turn my mind fully toward you. I, my Master, will learn to wait as you have waited for me..."

"And will you accept My will and never question My ways however they may seem... whatever they may be?" He asked.

"O Sweet One that follows me at every moment, O Great Master whose love I deny, O Teacher of Teachers who stays awake to protect me while I sleep in my ignorance, to you I speak... Whenever a thought of doubt shall come into my mind, I shall stand as the warrior and question the thought. I shall gather the arms of truth and the armor of goodness and overcome the fears that take me bound to my enemy within... I shall deny the temptations of the easy ways... I shall call Thy name over and over until my eyes open and I see Thy will reveal to me..."

"And when I shall fade the world slowly, so all of Me alone remains, will you fear leaving that which never was yours? What, O child, will you do?"

"O Guru that wipes my mistakes with His mercy and forgiveness...... O Guru that gives the grace of bliss..... when I shall see You alone as my world, I shall cry the silent tears of joy saying goodbye to the breath of fear... I shall open my hands and let the worldly gifts fall while at the same time I shall rise to touch Your feet and accept myself in the World of God. I shall run to embrace the golden light of truth that You behold in Your heart. I shall beg never to return to the world I knew and stand by You until You declare at the moment that is right for me to walk with You forever..."

"And what if I tempt you, O Child of God, to leave in return to all the wishes that you had dreamt and wanted? What if I gave you back the golden world that you had known and just left? What then would you do?"

"Dear, Sweet Master! Once I have tasted the bliss of You everywhere around me and within me, I shall no more remain..... I shall belong completely to You. When I am gone, and I have entered You, how can there be a return for the world that I know not to exist... But, if it is Yhy will for me to return... For me to learn how much You love me all over again, I shall do it... For nothing pleases me more than pleasing You..."


"Then think not from now... Fill yourself with the love that I have for you... The love that is endless... The love that belongs to you in this world that you knowand in the world you shall return to... Stand still, O Child, be at peace... I stand beside you protecting you at every step, at every moment.., Be at peace... And wait... I shall do the rest..."