The Play with Shadows

Tis' the game
O Child......
Of Illusion and truth

Tis' the game 
O sweet one
Where truth stands 
And casts its own shadows 
Creating the world
Where all happens
     And yet.....
For truth
From where it stood
Nothing really happened

Tis' the game 
My beloved friend
Where illusion plays 
Against all rules
        That truth beholds......
It teases the laws
It defies the principles of being
And it dances
In its false victory
Where truth tears for its' folly

Tis' the game
O child of God
Where the illusion 
Shines with false hope
And carries one
To the steps 
That climb
Even above the sky....
And then the one
That reaches its heights
Falls to the ground 
Of despair

Tis' the game 
Of illusion and truth
Where the child of God
Must choose to stand
Upon the steps of truth

And while he hears
The calls of illusion
All around that one step
He must stand...
Fearless and bold.....
Without moving
And reaching out
To the shadows
That he alone casts
To create that
Which never was...
And never will be....