angelThoughts of Godangel

Saturday October 18th, 2014

1. You cannot succeed when you wish for another's downfall... You succeed only when you are uplifted by God's strength and your love for Him...

2. You cannot say that you have faith and still worry... Faith is thanking God and nothing else...

3. You cannot be a hero if you are not able to be true to yourself... Being a hero is facing each moment with joy and contentment...

4. You cannot be attached to all that you have and say that I have surrendered at the same time... Surrender is not simply a word... It is the last action after which God alone does and you smile realizing that all is well... always...

5. You cannot desire this and that and desire God's way of life... Choosing God is endless peace... In that peace the one that once desired ends and leaves his begging role... He then enters the bliss of asking and receiving nothing...

6. There is no way to plan to love God... Loving God comes the moment you intensely watch His love for you...


O Child of God
That plays with the mind
And becomes
The toy himself
Be true...
Be steady...
Be wise...
Think not that
Which takes away
The power to smile
And always remember
That you are free
You always were...
You got bound
Only by the thought
That said to you
"Fear me
I have spoken
And you shall
Accept my word"

But then again
You are the Master
The Master of the mind
It is you
That shall speak
It is you
That shall lead the mind
It is you
That shall fear nothing
It is within you
That the voice of God speaks
He says,
"What can you fear
When I am here
Always... always with you...
The only enemy
Is the fallen thought, O Child...
Rise to the truth
Of duty and peace
And you
Shall be instantly free...
And the moment
You shall be free
Of the thought
You shall realize
The power of Me
In every atom of you...