Tuning In

You are indeed blessed and fortunate if you are aware of God's love for you............You are even more blessed if you are able to share this love with all His children.

God's love comes in abundance each day..........at every moment. The worst shall pass you by if you keep this as your foremost thought.

You immediately feel His love when you speak of Him and His goodness..........It is the greatest task to narrate the stories of God.....

You are the instrument of joy with which God writes His stories of pure love.

God’s love is endless........It is like stepping in an ocean that has no shore!

The moment you give your heart to God you shall experience the stillness of peace.

The lover of God hears His footsteps in his every breath.

Within the will of God is His eternal protection. 

You are to live in harmony with every spirit.......The differences between you and another is only in the way of thinking.........The center of all beings is stationed in God's love. There is no one that will deny or refuse the thirst of that love.

You will be filled with peace the moment you connect to your soul that offers equal love to all, unconditionally.

Love becomes difficult to express when the giving of love becomes possessive and conditional.

Kindness is the way to remind yourself to be calm .........in all that you do..........speak and think. You may think that kindness is a gesture of love to another. But that is not so! In the act of being kind, one himself returns to the state of love. What one gave to another was merely a fraction of the love that he had created for the moment and received. And while one is receiving the gratitude from the other for his act of kindness, he is himself thanking the Lord for mercifully pouring His Divine Love within him. In reality the love in the act of kindness.......the love felt by the receiver.....the love felt simultaneously by the giver were all the love of God..........in which God alone played all the roles 
in the Divine play!